Saturday, May 27, 2017
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Blog Development

Get a BlogBlogs are hot. You probably have read success stories about them as marketing tools. Whether you are a small business owner or professional who works at home, you can tap into its potential immediately.

Let the professionals at MTR build a Custom Blog with custom graphics and some initial content added for you.

With our Custom Blog Program, we assist you with setting up your domain, create headers and some secondary graphics and put up an initial post of two with your supplied content. After setup you can use the intutiative content management system to post to your BLOG, the more you post the more attention your BLOG will get from the search engines and your target audiendance. We even provide a 30 minute phone/Computer training session to ensure you know how to post articles and manage your blog.

You can always call us for assistance with this order: 904-733-1447 

BLOGs and Podcasts

A web log (or "blog") is similar to an online journal. It is largely text-based, so it's easy to update and maintain-even if you have no experience running a Web site. Any type of information can be presented on a blog, from stories about a family vacation to in-depth commentary on world politics. In addition, most blogs allow visitors to post responses to blog articles or entries and leave feedback for the person running the site, known as a "blogger". Overall, a blog is a fast, easy and fun way to establish an online presence.

A podcast is a way to broadcast multimedia files—audio or video—over the Internet for playback on mobile devices (ex. MP3 players) and personal computers. Podcasting lets the podcaster create a broadcast about a subject of interest to him/her and their subscribers. Subscribers simply download the podcast and listen to it at their convenience.

Our system comes complete with Audio and Video Capability.


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